2021-2022  Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year 


It gives me great pleasure to announce Hanover Park’s 2021-2022 teacher of the year.  Hanover Park High School conducts a program to recognize and honor outstanding teachers in the school.  The goal of this program is to honor teachers who have clearly demonstrated effective instructional techniques, a positive interaction with students, and the development of feelings of self worth, and a love of learning in students.    

This year’s honoree is dedicated and committed to the students of Hanover Park and to the teaching profession.  

She has been described as caring, passionate, involved in the total school program, and an inspiration to both students and staff.   Our honoree is a member of the Science department who proudly teaches such courses as Biology, Honors Biology and AP Environmental Science.  She does a tremendous job welcoming our freshman students to HP and helping them to become acclimated to high school while teaching Biology.  She also prepares all her students for their future by teaching students to solve real world problems through an inquiry based approach to the study of science.  

Our honoree goes above and beyond for the students and for this school. She is the co-advisor to the Key Club and has served as a class advisor in the past.  She is a caring, kind, and hard working professional who is always willing to assist students and staff when needed.  It has been noted by her colleagues that our honoree is an extremely hardworking teacher.  She is creative in the classroom and her daily lessons are extraordinary. One staff member stated, “She is extremely knowledgeable in her content area and shows an enthusiasm for the subject matter which helps motivate and engage her students.  As a colleague, she has gone above and beyond to assist others when needed.  Presenting at in service meetings and sharing her own professional practices.” Another colleague noted  that our honoree loves teaching and working with her students. She truly sees her students as mini-scientists and wants them to enjoy science as much as she does! She takes her AP course very seriously and tries to always maintain rigor in her classroom. In addition, she is always willing to try new things in her classroom.” 

Our honoree is a truly outstanding teacher and we are lucky to have her as part of our HP family.  

Please join me in congratulating our 2022 Hanover Park High Teacher of the Year, Ms. Kate Margerison.

Congratulations Ms. Margerison, you truly are an inspiration to your students and to your colleagues.