College Representative Visits

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

   We are pleased to inform you that we have numerous college admissions representatives scheduled for virtual visits to  our high school this year. This is a great opportunity for seniors and juniors to meet in a small group setting with a person who in some cases will be the first person reading applications for our school. This also allows the college representative to attach a face to a name and begin to build a relationship with prospective students and our school. With these opportunities comes a great responsibility to portray your school and yourself in a professional and positive light while maintaining your academic performance. The following guidelines will be enforced for all college representative visits.

  • Visits will be open to seniors and juniors and will be one period in length.

  • A student is limited to signing up for a maximum of three visits at any given time.

  • Students will be required to sign up in Naviance at least 5 days in advance. Last-minute approval will not be granted.

  • Keep in mind, college visits will be posted in Naviance and can change due to the representative's schedule. Students should check Naviance frequently for changes.

  • Students need to talk to the teacher prior to missing class for the visit.

  • Teachers have the right to keep students in the class for any reason.

  • Juniors are limited to five visits for the year. Anything above 5 visits will require counselor approval.

  • Individual student privilege may be revoked by the administration.

  • Students are responsible for all work missed.

  • If a student cannot attend( either by choice or teacher decision) the student should contact the admissions counselor via email to get handouts and to express their interest. 

Please see the instruction sheet below on how to sign up in Naviance  for these visits.  Remember your academic responsibilities come first so make sure you make wise decisions. 

Best wishes,

The Counseling Department