Department Overview


The Hanover Park Regional High School District Special Services Department provides specialists in the areas of child study, school counseling, school health services, and speech and language.

Child Study Services

In our district child study services are provided by school psychologists and learning consultants. There is a school psychologist and a learning consultant based in each of our high schools. The child study team members provide a variety of services including specialized assistance to classroom teachers regarding techniques, materials and programs, consultation with parents and teachers, counseling, and testing. In addition, Child Study Team specialists have the responsibility for the determination of special education eligibility and the development and monitoring of Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

School Health Services

School health services are provided by certified full-time school nurses, whose major focus is the prevention of illness and disability, and the early detection and correction of health problems. The school nurses are especially prepared and uniquely qualified in preventive health assessment and referral procedures, and emergency care.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and language services are provided by a certified therapist that splits her time between Hanover Park and Whippany Park High School. Services include consultation with parents and teachers, specialized assessments, programming and therapy designed to remediate the handicapping condition that adversely affects the child's educational performance.

General Questions and Concerns

Sometimes general questions and concerns can be addressed by navigating the different sites on our newly designed Department Web Page. Monthly messages from Dr.  Debra Strauss (Director of Special Services) will be posted from recent parent meeting or workshop. For more specific information, you are encouraged to contact us at 973.887.6308.

Child Find Information

The Hanover Park Regional High School District conducts a Child Find Program to locate, identify and evaluate children residing within the community who may be in need of special education and are not receiving services. The effort is targeted at children from age three to 21, in non-public schools as well as children attending Hanover Park and Whippany Park High School. The goal is to ensure that no child is missed, regardless of his or her current age or grade.

Do You Think Your Child May Need an Evaluation?

If you believe your child may need an evaluation, email the Director of Special Services, Dr. Debra Strauss at or write to Dr. Strauss  at the following address:

Department of Special Services

63 Mt. Pleasant Avenue

East Hanover, New Jersey 07936

If possible, please include a brief history of student needs, work samples, and documentation of any other attempted interventions.

For more information, contact Ms. Denise Basista at the Special Services Office located at Hanover Park High School at 973.887.6308 or check out additional information on this subject from the NJ State Department of Education, Project Child Find.

Additional information is available at the following link for rules and regulations governing Special Education and Parent Rights in Special Education as defined by NJ Code for Special Education.

The NJ Special Education Code is available at