Dress Code Policy

In order to provide a sense of appropriateness for school attire, a standard of dress has been developed by the district. Specifically, the following are considered inappropriate:

  • Hats, bandanas and other inappropriate head coverings

  • Short shorts/skirts

  • See-through clothing that expose undergarments or anatomy

  • Tops with "spaghetti" straps that expose undergarments

  • Halter tops and tops that expose midriff

  • Tops with low neck and back lines

  • Tube or tank tops that are considered under garments

  • Low riding pants or shorts that expose undergarments

  • Garments with inappropriate sayings or slogans

  • Sleeveless shirts (males)

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. Rather, it is intended to provide a sense of appropriateness for school attire. The administration reserves the right to make the final decision regarding appropriate dress in school and at school sponsored events. Any clothing, which is deemed to be distracting or disruptive to the educational process, will not be permitted.