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Research Tips: choosing a resource
While they are accessed through the internet, databases are not part of the free web. Database collections include professional journals, periodical publications, books, encyclopedias, primary source documents, and other sources of reliable expert information that can be searched electronically. 

Links to HP Databases

Ancestry is a resource for researching genealogy and history of specific individuals. This access is only available when clicking the link while on-campus, and cannot be remotely accessed from home. Records at include birth, marriage, and death records, census data, military records, immigration records and much more. This includes access to Fold3, a collection of historical documents and, a database of historical newspapers.  (Click the links separately, while on-campus to access).


EBSCOhost Web is geared toward high level academic research and offers access to large collection of professional journals in fields as widespread as business, science, health, education, history, literature, and others. 

EBSCO's Student Research Center includes an electronic collection of nationally published periodicals, books and encyclopedias, primary source documents, national reports, and multi-media transcripts specifically selected for secondary school students. 

Novelist, part of the EBSCO collection, is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a suggestion about what fiction to read next.

Gale Virtual Reference Library 

A collection of Gale's top reference books, offered as e-books, which can be read in a web-browser, or downloaded for later reading. The Gale Virtual Reference Library can be searched via the Gale Research Center by selecting "All Cross Searchable Products."

Gale Research Center

Offers access to authoritative periodical and reference materials including contemporary issues, science, biography, literature, and general reference.  The Gale Virtual Reference Library can be searched via the Gale Research Center by selecting "All Cross Searchable Products."


A collection of scholarly journals, primary source documents, and books in the Arts and Sciences subject areas. Click these links separately for other JSTOR collections: JSTOR Global Plants ,an online environment that brings together content, tools, and people interested in plant science; JSTOR Aleuka, a library of scholarly resources from and about Africa.

New York Times

To begin your access, go to and create an account using your school email address. You will receive a confirmation email (be sure to check your spam). Once you complete the steps you will be able to access the Times using your personal account associated with HPREG.

Our Local Public Libraries also offer a wide range of electronic resources. 

All you need is your library card number.

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