Student Assistance

For the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

Mrs.Stephanie A.Mitchell, Student Assistance Coordinator
Phone: 973-887-8137

Student Assistance Program Brochure

The Hanover Park Regional High District....

believes that the best solution for problems relating to substance experimentation/abuse

by school-age youth is a strong program of education, guidance supervision, and referral to appropriate treatment services.

is committed to creating and providing a drug and alcohol-free environment for its student body.

recognizes its responsibility to help students with chemical dependency or chemical abuse problems, to counsel, support, and educate students, to inform and educate their families and to initiate diagnosis and/or treatment.

Through the Student Assistance Program the elements of prevention, intervention, treatment/referral and aftercare are provided.

Websites and Resources


“Parents Still Have Influence on Their College Student's Decision to Use Drugs and Alcohol”

 “New Jersey Residents Say Leave the Drinking Age at 21”

“10 Tips for Keeping Teenagers Crash-free”

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