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be well

Hanover Park Regional High School District is thrilled to see each of you in our hallways again!  As we return to school we are all feeling a variety of emotions, thoughts and expectations.  It is our mission to support and empower you in making this school year successful, healthy and happy.  As your District Wellness Coordinator I will be providing resources, groups, activities and opportunity for dialogue surrounding your needs and your well being. From mindful movement and regulating breathing techniques to emotional awareness and community building we will explore the world of wellness together.

I look forward to meeting and supporting each and every one of you!!!

~Dr. Allgaier, Psy.D.

Your District Wellness Coordinator

be well

What IS wellness?

Wellness is the embodiment of mind-body-emotional-social interactions experience. Wellness can reflect how well we adapt to change, our social connections to others, our ability to recognize and regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviors, our physical well being as well as our attitude towards school and self. Most notably researchers define wellness as the summation of 8 domains:

Social Spiritual Emotional Occupational

Physical Intellectual Financial Environmental

wellness domains

Why does school care about my wellness?

The short answer is: We care about YOU. In fact we care about ALL of who you are. We care about your wellness from an Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Environmental, Occupational, and Financial level and we want to provide you with support to live your healthiest, happiest life.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), school wellness programs can have a positive impact on academic performance, improve students' health outcomes, and reduce high-risk behaviors. In addition to the CDC, at Hanover Park Regional High School district we believe that bolstering social and emotional learning, fostering meaningful student and staff relationships, teaching healthy social and academic habits, and empowering students to recognize and regulate their mind/body/emotional experience is crucial. In today's demanding and fast past world it more important than ever to slow down, get back to basics and learn how to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our lives.

I invite you to join our wellness movement and reap the benefits of increased focus, inner calm, improved relationships and most of all your overall happiness.


What wellness opportunities may be offered this year?

As your Wellness Coordinator I will be extending wellness activity opportunities throughout the school year. Attending the group will require parental/guardian consent and student commitment. Be on the look out for these potential activities and groups this year:

  • Stress Management

  • Yoga & Mindful Movement

  • Managing Emotions

  • Breath Work

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Making and Managing Friendships

  • Group & Individual Counseling

  • Developing Healthy Habits

  • Community Speakers

  • Parent Programs


What wellness activities are being offered right now?

Dr. Allgaier is offering a formalized series of Wellness Groups.  These groups will be offered in 6 week rotations to enable students with varying scheduling needs to attend at different times of the year.  The group will be held once a week during a class period for 6 weeks.  The class period could be an elective, study, or physical education class.  This Fall Dr. Allgaier will be offering 1) Mindfulness 101: Mindful Movement and Meditation and 2) Social Connections: Making and Maintaining Healthy Peer Connections

More information can be found on our district's website: A signed parental/guardian consent form must be returned to the Guidance Department Secretary at your child’s school by 10/15/2021. Dr. Allgaier welcomes you to our Fall Wellness Groups!


Who is our Wellness Coordinator?

Dr. Lisa Allgaier is Hanover Park Regional High School District's Wellness Coordinator. She is supporting both Whippany Park High School and Hanover Park High School this school year. Dr. Allgaier joined us August 2021 with enthusiasm to bring wellness to our schools, students, families and staff.

Dr. Allgaier earned her doctorate degree in School Psychology with a concentration in Community Psychology, her Master's degree in Educational Psychology and her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She is certified as a New Jersey School Psychologist and is a licensed New Jersey psychologist working with youth and families. Most recently Dr. Allgaier completed her 200 hour Social Emotional Learning and Yoga Teacher training designed for educators and community leaders to bring wellness practices and programming to the school setting.

Dr. Allgaier is grateful and excited to collaborate with our community, staff, students and families!